Welcome to Victory Teaching Farm!

The Center for Family and Community Development (CFCD) is a nonprofit organization founded in 2009 which immediately began serving the community with a mission to support and promote healthy families, healthy living and healthy communities.

Victory Teaching Farm was established in December 2013 to expand the impact of our programs while continuing to fulfill the mission of CFCD. Victory Teaching Farm is the first urban teaching farm in South Alabama.

The goals of Victory Teaching Farm are:

  • To improve public health through increased access to locally and organically grown food and increased awareness and knowledge of sustainable living
  • To foster education regarding health and wellness and environmental sustainability as it relates to local food systems and food production
  • To reduce community food insecurity and promote equity and access to affordable nutritious foods by establishing local food systems
  • To promote sustainable agriculture and sustainable practices
  • To foster economic development opportunities with green jobs related to agriculture and sustainability
  • To network, connect and supportĀ  local and regional efforts regarding local food systems and environmental sustainability